Beer Wizard

Beer Wizard is an Australian online beer gifting business born out of Covid-19 lockdowns. Their team wanted to create a business to send gifts that could bring joy to friends and family during lockdowns. We worked with them to elevate their shipping packaging and gift boxes.

With so many reasons and occasions to celebrate the people around us, Tofi worked with Beer Wizard to design a series of stickers for the inside of their gift boxes.

We wanted to help customers buying the gift boxes to show their appreciation for their loved ones and we wanted those receiving the gifts to feel a sense of joy and love when they opened their boxes.

We also designed custom shipping boxes for Beer Wizard to elevate their customer experience on multiple fronts.


These stickers are an environmentally friendly and economical solution because one box type can be used for a variety of celebrations.
If Beer Wizard introduces more themed boxes there is no need to print new packaging and new stickers can be printed based on demand.
The shipping box design serves many purposes. For example: showing the company’s visual identity, helping delivery drivers handle the box properly, prompting people to recycle the box.

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