Our process

Don’t know where to start with your project? Our process can help you find the best way to approach it.
Every project is different and we are flexible and adaptable to your needs but it’s always good to have a guideline to start from!
Getting to know each other

First, let’s have a chat and you can walk us through the scope of your project. What’s your goal and how can we help? You can tell us any details including concepts, budget, constraints, security, key dates etc.

Timelines and estimates

After we have gotten to know a bit more about your project we will have a look over possible timelines and estimates. There may be many ways to approach a project so we’ll come back with a few options for you to look over. This way you’ll know every step that is involved.

UX research and wireframes

If you need designs from us, we will move onto UX research and wireframes next. UX Research could be workshops involving you and your stakeholders, market research or competitor research.

All this research will inform the wireframes that will act as a guideline for the final designs.

Wireframes will help you understand how your product will look and function and we can make sure that before we get too deep into the project, all necessary features are met.

Designs, prototypes and user testing

This is more than just making the wireframes look pretty! We will create a flexible and expandable design system that will set up your product for the future. These will be used to make high fidelity screen mock ups.

If we need to do user testing before development, we can turn these high fidelity mock ups into interactive prototypes. We can use these to do user testing and fine tune the designs.

Development and testing

After the designs have been approved we can pass them onto our star studded development team to begin their work.

We will do internal QA (Quality Assurance) and testing before giving you a staging link to look over.


The most exciting part: your product goes live!

Ongoing support

For maintenance or new features in the future, we are always available for ongoing support. This also applies to creating a full product if we’ve helped you create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so far.

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