We worked with health professionals at DoctorDoctor to design and develop a responsive website, and later an app, to improve access to bulk billed after hours medical care.

Collaborating with DoctorDoctor

DoctorDoctor provides bulk billed in home after hours medical care for unexpected illness and connects patients who do not have a regular GP to daytime General Practice for their ongoing continuity of care.

For an after hours GP service, we considered how users would be accessing DoctorDoctor as a service. Mobile devices would be a large percentage of this so designing with phones and tablets in mind was important.

This mobile first responsive design approach also allowed for the product to be ready for market earlier.

Features & highlights

Tablet and mobile focussed designs for patients who more and more are using the web through portable devices.
There are different needs and purposes for each group. Completely separate interfaces for patients and GPs were designed while still keeping the same branding.
For doctors, working from a laptop or computer would be a necessity and therefore, more considerations were made for larger screens.

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