GI Hub website refresh

We have worked with the Global Infrastructure Hub on a redesign of their main website that showcases all of the organisation’s tools and resources.

GI Hub is a G20 initiative based in Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. They provide data, insights and best practice recommendations while working towards creating a common language on infrastructure through events, thought leadership and tools.

Tofi’s redesign of the GI Hub home page acts as the main directory for these tools and resources. We helped GI Hub create a homepage with clear sections and for users to find what they are looking for.

In addition to the homepage redesign, Tofi has designed and built various online tools over the last few years. There is a gap in the infrastructure community when it comes to interactive online resources that can be used by all stakeholders and we have worked with GI Hub to fill this gap (For example InfraCompass).

Features & highlights

Thoughtful responsive designs that consider what information is relevant to a user on different devices.
Flexible modules that can be rearranged and updated by the organisation without need for technical support.
Our designer worked with GI Hub to create a website with succinct language and clear call to actions that let users find what they're looking for at a glance

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