Medinet is an online platform that Australian GP medical practices use to provide online health care to their patients.

Medinet Doctor App

Tofi worked with doctors and healthcare professionals to build the Medinet Doctor App. This app would be used by doctors to consult with patients (who would be using a complementary Medinet Patient App). 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there was an increase in remote consults and this app needed to be highly accessible for doctors of all ages, not only young doctors who could pick up new technology quickly. 

It was a simplified version of the computer software doctors used for consults in their clinics while still containing everything needed to care for patients. The actions taken by a doctor during a consult were translated to a touch screen and split into simple steps so that a doctor could still talk to a patient while filling out forms or searching for medication.

Features & highlights

Rather than typical blue and navy, we went for pastel colours that would stand out among other medical apps.
We worked closely with both doctors and non-doctors as test users to refine the design of the app.
We kept the consultation interface familiar so doctors could pick up the app and use it immediately. Everything a doctor would need for a consultation was split into steps that were easy to follow.

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