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MyHealth is a leading group of medical centres in Australia. Tofi worked with MyHealth to overhaul their website and give it a modern look that was more in line with their image and philosophy.

Working with Myhealth

Tofi was involved with the redesign of the booking system and clinic directory on the MyHealth website to reflect their values. The website look and feel is friendly, approachable and the goal was to be a point of information for all groups that are a part of their community from doctors, to patients, to business partners. From this foundation, MyHealth aims to have their website be a hub for all things healthcare related for their patients.

MyHealth wanted the first point of contact for patients making bookings at MyHealth clinics to be through their website rather than through external booking websites. This would strengthen the MyHealth brand and give patients more of a connection with their clinic and doctors.

Apart from our UX/UI work on the booking process, we are also working with MyHealth on the ongoing development and support of their website. We are helping MyHealth achieve a cohesive website experience for patients, employees, doctors and potential partners.

Features & highlights

An overhaul of the booking system that allowed patients to search through all MyHealth clinics and doctors for appointments.
Revamped clinic pages to give patients all the information they would need to find the right clinic for their needs.
Building consistent website components and pages that are fully responsive and easy to manage in the back-end.

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